Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sun printing - our last activity for the year

As well as enjoying a social lunch today, we played with sun printing.
A great variety of effects

We used a variety of fabrics, including cottons, polyester, and quilted and stitched sandwiches as well as a variety of brands of paints. It was very interesting to see the effects that resulted from using different fabric manipulation methods including basic masking, scrunching,  twisting and folding.

 Lyn's quilted piece which had been partially painted previously showed am amazing range of effects on both sides of the sandwich, especially where the paint on one side flowed along the stitched lines on the other.

Painted side of Lyn's quilted sandwich exposed to the sun
Reverse side of Lyn's piece - previously partially painted on the left
and showing paint from the other sides along the stitching lines on the right

 We thought this might be an interesting activity to do again some time, building on what we learnt today and perhaps using stitched and quilted  fabrics and commercial fabrics of a varied palette.

PS. We missed you Buffy

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  1. Er .... I was going to post here, about the same thing .... But u beat me to it Anne! - This post pretty much says what mine would have, and more - LOL
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