Friday, 15 July 2011

Meeting activity - boxes

This is the box I made as a result of our meeting activity last weekend.

It is not the greatest thing I have ever made - in fact I don't like it very much at all as it is rather 'in-your-face'!

However, it was a great learning activity and very satisfying to test how various yarns and fabrics worked with the stiffened felt I used as the background for the box. I was surprised how easily the fabrics and fibres worked through this type of felt from both sides.

I also learnt a couple of things to remember for next time:
  • I had not given enough thought to proportions. Whilst I did think about the placement of elements on the finished box, I didn't consider how big they would appear on the box when finished. Whilst various elements (motifs, colour blocks etc) looked OK on the full piece of felting, some of them became much more dominant and overpowering on the finished box.

  • I used one of the templates from an unfolded commercial box and whilst I am happy with the size and shape, I didn't notice until putting my box together that it had been glued on one of the front corners. This was probably not noticeable on the original cardboard box, but it certainly set me a challenge to work out a way of joining that was not too noticeable. I would much prefer to join at the back of the box.
This was a great activity with lots of potential. Thanks Buffy for proposing it, and for generously bringing all the bits you did for it.