Sunday, 25 September 2011

sloppy silk screening ;-)

ok ... I finally got around to posting something about the fun day we had about 3 weeks ago - messing around with silk screens and squeegees - using acrylic paints on paper, but with the idea that now we have done it - we can go home and do it again on fabric/etc, if we so desire.
We were actually trying out one or 2 of the techniques from this Jane Dunnewold DVD -

This is the first thing I did:

we used paper stencils ... I put it down on the paper a second time, and of course the stencil (which was on the bottom of the screen) stuck to the paint that was already on the paper ... but I kind of liked the effect so I left most of it there.
These are my things drying on the clothes line when I got home:

and a close up of 2 of them:

I decided to do my own thing - and went outside and found some gum leaves and other plants and used them as a "stencil" - and made several prints adding a bit more paint to what was left after each one.
I also made some bubbles ;-)

(this was when I put the screen down on some paper and started to wash out some of the paint, from the screen, onto the paper - to make a weird coloured bit of paper to use as a background or something, rather than just wash out the paint)
and ... while I am here posting photos - here is some other textile art I finished recently:

it is not quite an art quilt, but it is textile art and it is fabric and stitching ... and I do plan to make a small art quilt using the same idea and probably at least some of the same fabrics ;-)

hopefully I won't be the only one to post photos of the things we did that day - some other people produced some amazing stuff ...
(and a great time was had by all ;-)